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treatments for men

Women typically visit the dermatologist or a med spa for treatment far more than men, but more and more men are taking advantage of the services we provide at Pinnacle Dermatology and our Peau Claire Medi Spa.

Located in Birmingham, Michigan, Pinnacle and Peau Claire are dedicated to treating women and men, offering them the best medical skin care – and treatments to keep them looking and feeling their best.

For men, getting an annual skin exam to reduce the risk of skin cancer should be a part of their regular health care routine. At Pinnacle Dermatology, we offer full body skin exams along with the latest testing and treatments for skin cancer.

To learn more or to make an appointment, contact Pinnacle Dermatology today.

The American Academy of Dermatology conducted a recent survey which found 90 percent of U.S. men knew at least a bit about skin cancer, but just more than 60 percent could properly identify physical signs of the disease that would likely prompt a visit to the dermatologist.

Another alarming number: Only 18 percent of men go for annual skin cancer screenings. And the report found that younger men believed, incorrectly, that they are less susceptible to contracting skin cancer.

Studies show one in five people in the U.S. will get skin cancer at some point. Experts predict that in 2015 one in 50 Americans will get melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Men age 50 and older have a higher risk than other Americans of getting skin cancer. So men, don’t become a skin cancer statistic. Contact Pinnacle Dermatology to schedule a skin exam today.

More and more men also are taking advantage of the aesthetic services that we offer at Pinnacle’s Peau Claire Medi Spa.For example, many men are bothered by unwanted and unattractive back and other body hair.

At Peau Claire Medi Spa, we offer laser hair removal treatments to help men remove unwanted hair.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

At Peau Claire we use two of the latest and most effective lasers to remove unwanted hair. Treatments are virtually pain-free as lasers quickly and efficiently eliminate hair from the parts of your body you want treated.

Lasers target the pigment in the hair strand which stunts the growth of the hair follicle. These treatments carry no downtime and most patients can resume their daily activities right away.

For the best results, a series of treatments is typically required.

Laser hair removal can help remove unwanted hair from your:

  • Back.
  • Arms.
  • Legs.

Contact Pinnacle’s Peau Claire Medi Spa today to learn more about this great treatment.

An increasing number of men also are turning to injectable treatments to fight the signs of aging.

Botox treatments have been used effectively for years by women and men who want to appear younger, more refreshed and more vital. Botox helps reduce facial lines and wrinkles by relaxing muscles that cause these lines and wrinkles.

You will gain a younger look – and friends and family likely won’t even know you had treatment!

Botox also can treat medical issues, including migraine headaches and severe sweating under the arms.

Care from a dermatologist and aesthetic treatments aren’t just for women anymore.

If you’re a man in the Birmingham area who wants to take care of your skin health, and improve your appearance, contact Pinnacle Dermatology today.

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