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At Michigan’s Pinnacle Dermatology in Birmingham, we offer a variety of medical and spa services designed to keep you and your skin healthy.

Among the most important things we do at Pinnacle is perform full body skin exams. These exams are recommended to be undergone once a year, or if you have noticed changes to your skin, or abnormal growths and other issues.  To schedule a skin exam, contact Pinnacle Dermatology today.

What to Tell Our Dermatologists

At Pinnacle Dermatology, Dr. Spurlin has years of experience and are among the top dermatologists in the region. When you visit us for a skin exam, be sure to tell our doctors about any lesions you are concerned about. These include any growths that are changing in color, shape, texture or size.

Also, be sure to advise us of any moles or growths that have been bleeding.  All this information can help our team at Pinnacle Dermatology be on the lookout for conditions that may lead to skin cancer.

Skin cancer is a growing problem in the United State. Prevention, early detection and treatment are core missions for Pinnacle Dermatology. That’s why we recommend patients have a yearly skin exam, so any potential problems can be spotted early and treatment can begin immediately.

Because skin cancer can strike any part of your body, whether it’s been exposed to the sun or not, our doctors at Pinnacle offer full body exams. These exams include taking a look at fingers, toes and other areas you may not expect to be prone to skin cancer.

If our dermatologists believe a lesion may be cancerous, a biopsy can be performed to help us make the correct diagnosis.

Skin exams are painless and take about 20 minutes. But they are essential in the early detection of skin cancer and other skin conditions.

If areas of concern are found during the exam, there are several types of biopsies that can be done, depending on the lesion’s size and how much skin our dermatologists determine is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis.

The most common biopsy is known as a shave biopsy. During this procedure, the suspicious area can be locally anesthetized with an injection to reduce any discomfort.

The lesion can then be removed using a scalpel or other sharp medical instrument. These types of biopsies don’t require stitches and are typically used so skin cancer can be diagnosed or ruled out.

To reach deeper tissue, what is known as a punch biopsy may be performed. During this procedure, local anesthesia also is used and a small, round shaped device is used to remove skin for examination. This technique may require one or two stitches, or none at all as the area heals on its own.

If a lesion leads doctors to suspect melanoma, we may perform an excisional biopsy. During this procedure, the entire lesion is excised, along with a small amount of normal skin. Stitches typically are required. This approach gives the pathologist a significant piece of tissue to examine for melanoma.

At Pinnacle Dermatology, we understand that full body skin exams may make some patients uncomfortable.

Our doctors will make you feel at ease and the procedure will be over before you know it. We will listen to your concerns and take any necessary steps to make you feel more comfortable during your exam.

Skin exams are essential for healthy skin and preventing serious medical problems such as skin cancer from going undetected. Take care of your skin, and your overall health, by making a skin exam appointment at Pinnacle Dermatology today.

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